Mudras are to the hands as yoga is to the body or meditation is to the mind.   They’re gestures, or a way of holding your fingers to create energy or a feeling, in your mind and body.

You’ve Seen Them Before
The most common place you’ve seen them are on a statue of those in peaceful meditation, curling the fingers into a round circle – the most common with index finger touching thumb.

There is an expression – that everything you do with your hands is an expression of your heart. Think of bringing your hand to your heart in a pledge or in a heartfelt moment, to balling up the fist in a moment of anger.



How to Use Them
You can shift your energy from what you currently feel (maybe anger as a fist) to what you want to feel (relaxing the hand, flipping the palm face up as a welcoming gesture).

To hold your fingers in a certain way makes a huge energetic impact with very little physical effort; the perfect way to calm and quiet the mind.

This works to stimulate energy pathways in the body. It’s a huge benefit to incorporate anytime you’re feeling physically or mentally run down.

Example – Knowledge Mudra:  Touch index finger to thumb. Used for wisdom, which is why you see so many statues of famous spiritual leaders with this gesture.

It stimulates concentration, memory and may reduce headaches.

hand 3

Tap into energy of the elements: Fire, air, space, earth, and water
Each finger represents an element. The thumb for fire, index for air, middle finger for space, ring finger for earth, and finally pinky finger for water.

hand 2


Fire Mudra (Thumb): *Fold ring finger down completely, and touch thumb tip to directly between the top and bottom knuckles: Increases the fire in the body, and reduces the earth element.

Speeds up metabolism to improve digestion and regulates the thyroid gland.

Air Mudra (Index Finger): Reduces excess air in the body.

It’s said to be good for constipation, flatulence, or decrease arthritis and neck pain.

Space Mudra (Middle Finger): Reduces emptiness in the body.

It’s said to be good for strengthening the heart chakra, ear/nose/throat, regulates motion sickness/vertigo, as well as improves listening and speaking.

Earth Mudra (Ring Finger): Connects with our body’s vital makeup of skin, muscles, bone, teeth, nails.

It’s said to increase stability, confidence, and strength.

Water Mudra (Pinky Finger): This position helps to hydrate the body’s skin, muscles, and cells.

It’s said to improve skin conditions, as well as those in the mouth like dryness.

When and where to practice
Practice in conjunction with your yoga, meditation or de-stressing routine when you wake up or go to bed.  Easy enough to do in meetings or in class under the table, or while traveling.

hands 9

You hold healing power in your hands, literally in each finger points of power. Power points.  I challenge you to try it for 7 days and see how you feel.

Think of something that will trigger you to use the mudra (such as before going to bed), and notice how you feel before, during and after.

hand 4

Let me know your experience, or if you use mudras already and what you think of them below!  Also, be sure to check out my YouTube video Cleansing Mudra: How To Tips + Tricks to learn more!