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How to Visit Oslo, Norway!

If you’ve been entertaining the idea to visit one of the Scandinavian countries soon – you’re in luck! I’ve included a few suggestions to plan a quick trip to the capital of Norway. This video is meant to give you a head start on creating your itinerary, or for a fast trip in the city of Oslo.

In this video, I let you know the places I visited during my few days in Oslo, and in my next video, we’ll cover how to see the Fjords. The friend I visited is from Oslo and helped me plan all my adventures. So, follow along if you’d like to see what a Norwegian suggested!

Oslo is a great place for a solo female traveler and is very easy to navigate. I highly encourage you to visit this beautiful Scandinavian country!

I’d love to know if you have any questions or suggestions for a trip to the beautiful Scandinavian country of Norway!

In light and love,

The Ultimate Travel Tips for Costa Rica

Lucky you! If you’re reading this, it means you’re either planning a trip to Costa Rica soon or fantasize taking a trip to Costa Rica… soon.  Either way, fun! These travel tips for Costa Rica are for you
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10 Common Jungle Phrases from Life in Costa Rica

I’ve never lived in the jungle before.  Therefore, I never believed I would utter any of the jungle phrases I’ve come to say on a daily basis.
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How I Decided to Move to Costa Rica

If you asked me on New Years Day 2014 where I would be in 2015, I would have told you Europe.  Germany more specifically. After all, I was on my way to move in with my German boyfriend. To take a leap of faith for love.
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How to Successfully Attend Graduate School Abroad

My Korean Leap of Faith

If you are deciding to take your own leap of faith to study abroad in another country (graduate school abroad in this case), these tips will help you to get the most out of your time there.  Learn from my mistakes, and see what to look forward to (hint I’ve never regretted a leap of faith abroad).
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London: Going with the Flow

Ask Yourself the Scary Question

I arrived in London feeling like I shed the past and was on a new path.  I didn’t get the long-term visa I needed to live in Europe permanently with H, but I realized I had the opportunity to choose positive over negative, and ask myself a powerful question: 

What do I want to do?

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The Amazingness of Fresh Food in the Dutch City Center Market

The markets in Groningen are the best.  THE BEST.  
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Top 15 Reasons Why I love Germany and Germans

I made a list of my ‘favorite things’ a la Julie Andrews and the Sound of Music as I’ve lived with my German almost one year now (half a year in the US, a few weeks in Latin America, and two months here in Europe so far). In that time period, I’ve picked up a few of my favorite qualities of Germans.  Add that to my observation of life in Europe and his amazing family and friends – this list was born:
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Over the river and through the woods – to Germany we go!

 The first things I did in Deutschland –

1) My first real German meal… and it was delicious.


Then I ate this cuteness for breakfast.  What a proper breakfast!


2) I had a lovely bike ride through the North German countryside (26 k in total) with H’s parents while he studied for finals.


3) I went to a farm house cafe, where they sell hand made soaps, organic meat and eggs, and other fun stuff.


They sold the handmade items in this new building – well new for European standards (since everything is amazing and more than 400 years old it seems like…)


4) I went to a tropical beach – believe it or not this is part of the North Sea!  They import the white sand and put planter stands of palm trees and tiki huts everywhere, and it totally looks hot and tropical.  In the summer, it is the place to be with a shoreline bar, floating restaurant, wakeboard jumps, and beach volleyball courts. Crazy.


5) I got excited for summer with the blond Germans…



More adventures to come!

I can ride my bike with no handle bars… except in the Netherlands

Bikes are everywhere in Groningen –


And by everywhere, I mean, even IKEA has bike parking.  I wanted to say, “how the heck to you get out of an IKEA shopping trip on just a BIKE,” but then, we did.




Sometimes the bikes are artistically parked, like the first picture in this post, and others are just the perfect color –


Or have cute names –


Some are bought, then stolen (like our bike was three weeks in), which makes some residents refer to it as, ‘the giant bike borrowing community in Groningen’ –  you buy a bike, which gets stolen, you buy another bike hoping it wasn’t stolen, and on and on and on.

So then you put it on your boat house to discourage that cycle –


And that is just a snapshot of life (or a handful) in the Netherlands – street bike style.


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