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Skydiving, Park Rangers and Limes – 10 Facts About Me

I love lists, and I love random facts, so it was so much fun to put this together!  There is a bit of a chill in the air here today in the Netherlands, along with some gray skies.

Azahar Aguilar

So, grab a bit of tea or coffee to enjoy with me even if it’s warm where you are – it makes it more fun!

1. I went skydiving my freshman year of college, just because it terrified me.  The tandem instructor gave me no time to think when we were at the door – he just said, “ready – go!” and we flung out into the air.  

The tiny planes that take you up, up, up.

The tiny planes that take you up, up, up.

On the free fall the air was rushing so hard at my face I found it hard to breathe. Once the parachute opened, it was much nicer to take in the 360-degree view of the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado. It was an amazing experience that I would definitely do again.

2. I’m nervous around contact sports. Soccer, basketball, wrestling, you name it, I don’t want to do it.  It freaks me out when people are running towards me, and my coordination is something I need to improve a bit.  Even gymnastics was too much for me – doing flips or watching people do a flip still scares me to this day.  Your NECK people, it’s a fragile thing!  

How I would like to practice all sports...

How I would like to practice all sports… no judgement!

When it came the time in gymnastics to learn how to do a flip (around age 8), I was all, “peace out, not for me.”   I love to move though, so because of the contact sport issue I LOVED dancing and swimming while growing up and became a yoga instructor four years ago (yes, I realize hand stands and contorting mess with your neck, but it’s a much slower process to get into the posture in yoga.  I never said the fear made sense!).

3. If I chose a different life path I would be searching the world for new and delicious coffee beans.  I was a Barista at Starbucks while in college, and they had a Coffee Master program I joined. I learned all about coffee, it’s origins, how to taste it all fancy (like a wine), and teach others to do the same.

Azahar Aguilar

Upon college graduation, I looked into some amazing graduate school coffee programs in Fort Collins, Colorado, but ended up moving to South Korea instead to complete my MBA.  No regrets, but I still am obsessed with coffee and tea facts to this day!

4. Even though my name is Hispanic, and I look like someone who should speak Spanish fluently, I do not.  It was my first language, but I moved back to the States with my mom who is Minnesotan and ended up never really speaking it again (now I look Mexican, but speak with a Minnesotan accent!).  

I took side classes all through elementary, middle school, and high school, studied abroad in Spain and Costa Rica, but because I don’t practice it every day, I get terrified to speak Spanish.  I’m just on the tipping point to speak really comfortably, so it is a goal of mine to get there before I have kids.  I would love for them to at least be bilingual!

5. Most kids rebel from their parents by going to theater school or music school, but my biological father is a theater movement instructor, my mom is a multi-media artist, and my dad encouraged me to do anything creative.

So, naturally, I rebelled by going to business school. No joke.   Even though I now have my MBA in international business management, I got over my polarized phase, and am now a yoga teacher, writer and run my own business. Mixes are best!

6. I am obsessed with limes and lemons.  After I squeeze them into my food or drinks, I eat the rest. I know it’s bad for my teeth (I drink water after), but I can’t help it.  They are so GOOD!  My brother is the same way, so we are special together.

Azahar Aguilar

7. The author Elizabeth Gilbert is my hero.  I read Eat, Pray, Love when it came out while I was on my first study abroad in Spain in 2007.  It was my major eye-opener to the possibility of lifetime travel.  As the years went on, I came back to the book after a breakup with my boyfriend of six years, and the book had new meaning for me (at the same time reading Committed, her next book about marriage).  

Then, I had the opportunity to meet her in person at a large book signing in Colorado and heard her speak for the first time.  She was mind-blowing.  After fumbling a “you inspired me to write” sentence to her in line (I was terrified and they weren’t letting people say much to her), I went on to read her most recent book, A Signature of All Things, my favorite book of all time.

Her Facebook (actually operated by her) has DAILY inspirational messages and a community of women who encourage and praise one another.  It’s amazing.  I want to be her best friend. We need more women role models exactly like her.

8. I LOVE camping.  Anything outdoors, really.  Hiking, swimming, running, picnicking, you name it!  There is just something about smelling pine trees, or making a fire at night, or looking up at the stars that just makes me all warm and toasty inside.  The first time I ever made my own fire, I was so proud, I took a picture of it!  I love snuggling down in a warm tent and eating smores cooked on a fire.  

Azahar Aguilar

When we walked out of my office building once in my past job, I turned to my coworker and said, “Doesn’t it feel nice to just be outside?”  He looked at me and said lovingly, “You really need to be a Park Ranger or something. You don’t belong indoors in an office!” I now teach yoga and work from home, so it was good advice (but I still have a secret desire to be a Park Ranger somewhere…).

9. I love smoothies.  I drink one every day, usually including spinach and some other veggie, mixed with bananas and another fruit.  They are surprisingly delicious – the bananas make them sweet.  It’s a great way to start the day, and I hooked my parents and grandma on them as well.  I’d love to try the Raw Till 4 PM type way of eating, but for now a shake in the morning makes me feel amazing.

10. I got horribly sick in Morocco after eating a delicious chicken dish.  No one else in my group did, so I have no idea what it was.  I had an amazing time there, it is such a beautiful country with amazing tea, bazaars, spices, and people.  

Azahar Aguilar

Unfortunately for me, on the bus back to Spain, I was the sickest I’ve ever been in my life.  I held it together most of the trip, but it left me permanently scarred towards chicken and rice dishes for life.  Separate, fine. Together, no way.


What is a random fact about you that you like to share? I’d love to know! Let’s connect below or on Instagram



  1. Your 10 things were fun to read!
    I love smoothies {I just drank one!} and camping! The Minnesotan accent thing is so funny as well.

  2. Can I tell you, when I was younger they made me play goalie in soccer. First of all, I cried, secondly the score was 0-21. HAHA! I hear you on the contact sports ;) Also I can never resist lemons or limes either, I love sour!

    Arica, xxo

  3. Too funny…I want to sky dive so bad… On my bucket list…I loved Eat Pray love will check out her other books and her FB page

  4. I loved these, and OMGawd I would have freaked the eff out on the skydiving, I am terrified of heights let alone jumping out of a plane and flying wwhoooo weeee chile. LOL.

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